This is My Latest Pinterest DIY Classroom Project. What’s Yours?

I’m moving into a new classroom in a new school and district this year.  The move is exciting for me and I’ve decided to freshen up some of my personal items that I carry with me wherever I go.

Several years ago, I saw this fun idea on Pinterest for lining the drawers in Sterlite drawer towers using colorful craft (scrapbooking) paper.  I thought it looked like fun, but I didn’t have time to do it right then.  I pinned it and moved on.  I began thinking about it this past week and decided to dive into the project!  So glad I did!

It was a bit tedious making the template because you need to make two pattern pieces for the front.  The face and the handle of the drawer-front are separate.  The sides are quite easy to make.  It’s all put in with Mod Podge.  I put a good coat on the drawer itself, applied the paper, and added another good coat on top of that.  After it dried, I used an Exacto knife to cut out the excess glue from where it dripped.  It’s important to cut it out because if you just pull it you’ll likely pull up your paper, too.

I have pictures below, as well as the link to the blog on which I found the outstanding idea.

I didn’t think to take any “Before” pictures, so I found this picture online.  It’s a 7-drawer Sterlite tower.Sterlite Drawer Tower







These are the “After” pictures.  I love this and will probably do it again!

I found this on Maria Manore Gavin’s blog, “Kindercraze: A Kindergarten Teaching Blog”. Visit Kindercraze for complete instructions!  The particular article is, “Fancy Up Your Sterlite Drawers.”  Be sure to read the full article, all the comments, and watch the two videos that she’s added.

Have fun with it and please share your projects with me!  I’d love to see what you’re doing in your classrooms!

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