MiMi Sue’s Brag Tags (Fabulous Friends/Primary Behaviors) 36 Designs SWAG

Brag Tags Fabulous Friens COVER PAGE AD PNGThis set of Brag Tags encourages appropriate Primary School Behaviors in your Fabulous Friends! Brag Tags promote Positive Behaviors and a Healthy Social Climate in the classroom. This set has 36 Designs recognizing 12 Excellent Behaviors. There are 14 Slides in all (Cover, 12 Behaviors, Credit to TPT Clip Art Authors). Each behavior has a page with 15 tags on it (3 Unique Designs per Behavior).

* I am a friend.
* I help others.
* I walk in line.
* I do my best.
* I sit nicely.
* I listen quietly.
* I always share.
* I clean up.
* I wait my turn.
* I am positive.
* I raise my hand.
* I work quietly.

Print on cardstock, cut out, laminate, punch a hole in the top center, and hang on chains or necklaces.

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MiMi Sue’s Brag Tags (Fabulous Friends/Primary Behaviors) 36 Designs SWAG by Rae Livseyis licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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