“Soda Shop Counting to 10” PowerPoint

Slide1Have some COUNTING FUN with my “SODA SHOP COUNTING TO 10” Powerpoint Presentation! Your friends will enjoy counting to 10 with French fries, hamburgers, mustard bottles, hot dogs, pizzas, nachos, sodas, ice cream cones, friends, and cars! They’ll also gain Spelling and Vocabulary knowledge through the use of this presentation. There are 113 SLIDES for ONLY $2.75!








• There is a Soda Shop Cover Slide.
• Each Number Section has a slide that introduces the number and then 10 Number/Word/Picture Slides.
• One slide CREDITS the AMAZING TPT SHOPS that offer the Clip Art used in the making of this product. I could not have done this without their help and beautiful creations!
• It concludes with an Informational Slide.
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Purchase at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Purchase at Teacher’s Notebook.

Purchase at TES.

Soda Shop Counting to 10 PowerPoint Fun Numbers, Words, & Pictures (Colorful) by Rae Marie Livsey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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