“I’ll Fly Away” Ray Ludwig & Carol Lockhart Webb

I’m in a Daddy kind of mood this evening.  It was through songs such as this one that Daddy taught me the correct way to clap along with music.  I was probably around 10 years old and we were in a church service with thousands of people.  The music was loud and everybody was on their feet having a great time.  Daddy, in the way that he so often did, nudged my shoulder with his shoulder, leaned his head in close to my while still looking forward, and said, “You see all these people clapping on the 1 and the 3?  Baby Girl, I better not ever catch you doin’ that.”  That, my friends, is one of the most important life lessons Ray Ludwig ever taught me.


This is my father, Ray Ludwig, from his album “I’ve Found the Way to Happiness.”  It was recorded in the early 70s, he played both piano and organ, and my sister, Carol sang it.

#RayLudwig #HammondOrgan #Gospel Greats


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