FLASH FREEBIE! Letter J Alphabet PowerPoint Fun & Colorful Words w/Pictures (Expandable)

Slide7Don’t Miss This FLASH FREEBIE from MiMi Sue Can Read!

DOWNLOAD it now for FREE at Teacher’s Notebook.

Your students are going to Love This PowerPoint! Celebrate the Letter J with this Words & Pictures presentation that will strengthen their Letter Recognition. There are 19 slides in all that normally sell for ONLY $1.25, but it’s COMPLETELY FREE THIS WEEKEND!

• 12 are picture and word slides that begin with the focus letter.
• One has a blank pane so that you and your friends can add to the word list with a stylus (Promethian/SmartBoards).
• One slide is CUSTOMIZABLE! Take pictures of your students, fellow teachers, places on your campus, environmental print, locations in your community, and whatever else would be a relevant connection for your students and add them to this presentation.
• One slide has ideas for use of the presentation
• One slide credits the Amazing TPT Shops that offer the Clip Art used in the making of this product. I could not have done this without their help!
• There is also a Cover Slide, Word List Slide, and a Letter Jj Slide.

Words included:
• Jack in the box
• jaguar
• jalapeno
• Jeep
• Jello
• jet
• jelly beans
• joker
• jug
• juice box
• jump rope
• Jupiter

I have Individual PowerPoints for Every Letter of the Alphabet for ONLY $1.25 EACH. If you really want to save some money, purchase my LETTERS A-M POWERPOINT BUNDLE and my LETTERS N-Z POWERPOINT BUNDLE! The Savings is incredible! If you were to purchase each of the 13 Individual Letter PowerPoints in each bundle separately, you’d pay $16.25 per letter set ($32.50 in total), but if you purchase the bundles you’ll get over a 30% DISCOUNT! You’ll only pay $11.25 Per Bundle ($22.50 in total)!

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Letter J Alphabet PowerPoint Fun & Colorful Words w/Pictures (Expandable) by Rae Marie Livsey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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