It’s Never Too Late

My father passed away close to three weeks ago and it has me considering all the great things he did with his life; he truly did.  I can’t help but stand in his warm and gentle shadow, consider where I am in my own life, and acknowledge that there is undoubtedly an impending fresh season headed my way.

50 is not too far from me.  There is a list in my head and heart that details where I wanted to be by this point. It includes all those places I never expected to go, but landed in nonetheless (and thrived in doing so).  I have to put away all the regrets, be thankful for the unexpected adventures and their accompanying realizations, understand and receive the truth that God’s expectations for me have never diminished.  I mean, seriously, do you think that he’s daunted by the passing of 50 years?  Why should I be?  For that matter, why should any of us be intimidated by the passing of time?  Life comes at us in ways that we don’t foresee in our 20s.  Dreams change.  Dreams remain.  Dreams expand.  So much of what we dream about and long for is realized in our childrens’ destinies.  It’s realized in the lives of those we touch.  Sometimes, we have the blessing of seeing it come to fruition and sometimes, we simply don’t.  This doesn’t change Truth, Destiny, or God’s Anointing. It doesn’t mean that it didn’t or won’t happen.

Assess your situation (your list) in the light of God’s Word.  Stand up.  Speak His truth over your life and existence.  Breathe.  Breathe in all that He has planned for you.  Know that the Holy Spirit will guide you every step along your path.  Take that next fresh step toward fulfilling all that you are meant to do and be. Enjoy the ride.  Tell others about it every chance you get.

It’s never too late.

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