Celebrating my Daddy

Ray Ludwig Glossy

My amazing father, Ray Ludwig, passed away this week.  In the coming days, I’m sure that I will share more.  For today, please join me as we celebrate his beautiful life and legacy.  Please follow the link below.  The song is one that he wrote many years ago.  I was happy to record this version along with my sister, Brenda Smith and my brother-in-law, Dennis Smith.

Celebrate the legacy of my father, Ray Ludwig.

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Texas History Month!

10 expository prompts famous texas landmarks AD PIC 345March is Texas History Month!  Celebrate with my latest Expository Writing Set, “10 Expository Prompts Inspired by Famous Texas Landmarks.”  It’s written in the STAAR/TEKS Format and is available for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades, as well as 6th and 7th Grades.  The Prompts are listed below.

  • Big Tex
  • The Alamo
  • Apollo Mission Control
  • Galveston Seawall
  • San Antonio Riverwalk
  • Battleship Texas
  • Point Bolivar Lighthouse
  • Bass Performance Hall
  • S.S. Selma
  • Texas State Capitol Building

You can purchase it at either of my stores (Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher’s Notebook).  The links below will take you straight to them!

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teacher’s Notebook

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Sunday Dinner

abneyI’m feeling reminiscent this Sunday morning, so I’d like to share one of my poems that expresses what’s going on inside.  This piece serves as an homage to the Sunday dinners at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house in Humble, Texas when I was a little girl.


The Doxology is barely off of my tongue

Shoulders still ablaze from the sizzling streams of daylight pouring through the car windows

Darting from the backseat of the old, yellow Dodge

and scampering to the first clanking, then squeaking gate

racing up the sidewalk and the cracked concrete stairs

Porch.  Living room.  Dining room.

How innocently this banquet lies in waiting

though it has been teasing my mind and palate since the onset of the sermon

Table spilling over with home-cooked devotion

Platters placed purposefully by the experienced hands of the Patriarch and Matriarch

Round chargers layered with ripened, ruby red tomatoes

salted and peppered to perfection

Purple onions, similarly arranged and vying for recognition

Steaming bowls of the garden’s bounty

Sunny squash mingled with bacon and onions that were minced on the striped, wooden cutting board

Pepper-sprinkled, creamy alabaster potatoes

dripping with a russet-hued elixir that was birthed in the worn iron skillet

Golden cornbread with a touch of sugar spooned in

Creamed butter whipped till it curls like a wisp of smoke

Plastic lids removed from blue tubs, revealing faux butter for those who insist upon it

Roasted beef disguised by a mountain of scallions and candied carrots

Fried chicken forming a mountain on a cookie sheet (We are proud Southerners, after all)

Pink roses on a glass canvas

a glass canvas that is filled with iced tea

its sweetness strengthening

as the saccharin tablets are secretly plopped in by tricky tribesmen

unaware of each other’s imbibing intentions

Clunky rectangular hunks of ice stacked upon one another in diverse drinking glasses

Bubbly, flaky peach cobbler

no box in sight (Mrs. Smith is never invited)

No “how-to” booklets or stained pieces of paper needed

They know it all by heart

Chairs of wood and metal congregated in a tight round

Houston phone books stacked high for the diminutive members of the clan

Mismatched plates, glasses, and flatware

but never the mugs

always pale green, Fire King mugs

filled with sugary, beige coffee

brewed in a clear glass percolator

Tell Mel Tormé to scat away

the hi-fi only broadcasts our laughter

The Doxology carries on, everlasting

I lift my pale green, Fire King mug of sugary, beige coffee

and breathe the scent in, deeply

Reminiscing.   Musing.  Evoking those flashes of memory

and satisfaction

and home-cooked devotion

and hunger for that same old repast



One of My Favorite Expository Writing Offerings!


BHM 29 bundle pic

This is one of my favorite Expository Writing Products right now!  It’s a Black History Month Expository Writing Bundle designed for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades and written with the STAAR/TEKS framework.  It includes 29 prompts about famous African American citizens such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Mae Jemison, Barbara Jordan, Scott Joplin, and many more.  I also offer variations of this product.  It also is available for 6th and 7th grades and both levels also have smaller sets (10 prompts, 3 prompts, etc.).

Check it out at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Check it out at Teacher’s Notebook.


Welcome to my new website, MiMi Sue Can Read!  I’m pleased that you’ve found me and I hope that we can build a long and beneficial relationship here at WordPress.

I plan to bring several things to the table in this venue; my experiences, my wonderings, my educational philosophy, articles that I find to be of importance (or just plain fun), tips, tech finds, my own products from Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher’s Notebook, poems that I’ve written, links to my music, family stuff, and some amusements along the way.

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